Invitation to Annual General Meeting 2015

Air Infiltration and Ventilation Association of Australia

Invitation to Annual General Meeting


Tuesday 24th November, 5 – 8 PM

Railway Hotel, 280 Ferrars Street in South Melbourne

You are invited to the Annual General Meeting and Dinner of the Air Infiltration and Ventilation Association of Australia (AIVAA). At this meeting we will discuss efforts to reinvigorate and reinforce our efforts to change Australian building practice and regulation. There are many signs that a critical mass is coalescing around these issues recently, and we aim to be at the forefront of this resurgence in interest. The Statement of Purpose of AIVAA is:

To lobby governments and regulatory authorities for scientifically‐based government policy, standards, grants and incentives.

  • To lobby other industry groups
  • To promote the use of performance‐based criteria & measurement in the calculations of energy efficiency rating schemes and other regulatory building requirements.
  • To introduce scientifically‐based “accredited” training, certification and registration of air infiltration and ventilation professionals.
  • To establish acceptable standards for calibration and registration of test equipment.
  • To establish documented procedures covering appropriate conduct for testing and retrofitting of buildings.

At this meeting we will revisit our Statement of Purpose and outline new directions and leadership in each of these areas. A brief Annual General Meeting will take place (approximately 15 minutes) to address administrative matters of AIVAA. Non-members are welcome to witness the meeting but only paid members may vote and stand for election. After the AGM, there will be dinner and plenty of opportunity to continue our discussion. We encourage you to invite others to attend, to increase our ranks and potential impact.

Attendance to the dinner is free, but food and drinks will be the responsibility of each attendant.