Air Infiltration & Ventilation Association of Australia Inc.

For more information contact: info@aivaa.asn.au

The Air Infiltration and Ventilation Association of Australia Inc. (“AIVAA”) has been established by a group of people concerned that the current energy rating systems used for buildings need to be further improved. Specifically, that:

  • Air Infiltration, a major source of energy wastage; and
  • Ventilation, a potential source of health issues if not managed correctly,

are not being adequately tested and the results taken into account for a building’s “rating.”

As such, the founding members of AIVAA have determined that the “Statement of Purpose” for this association is:

    • To lobby governments and regulatory authorities for scientifically‐based government policy, standards, grants and incentives.
    • To lobby other industry groups
    • To promote the use of performance‐based criteria & measurement in the calculations of energy efficiency rating schemes and other regulatory building requirements.
    • To introduce scientifically‐based “accredited” training, certification and registration of air infiltration and ventilation professionals.
    • To establish acceptable standards for calibration and registration of test equipment.
    • To establish documented procedures covering appropriate conduct for testing and retrofitting of buildings.