Our Members – Air Tightness Testers

Who We Are
Please note that this preliminary member list is in the process of being updated, so your name may not yet appear. Please email the webmaster for any corrections. 

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For more information contact: info@aivaa.asn.au

AIVAA Officers

Sean Maxwell
Pro Clima Australia
Andrew Champness
Air Leakage Measurement Australia
Vice President
Adam Garnys                 

Ben Vining
Vining Air

Companies and Organizations Represented

(not all companies are shown)

Air Tightness Testing Services Australia P/L
Blower Door Services
Efficiency Matrix
Fire Protection Technologies
Flowtech HVAC
Laros Technologies
Optiseal Australia Pty Ltd
Passivhaus Perth
Vining Air
Australian Passive House Association
Insulation Australasia
Sustainability House

Registered ATTMA Testers

All tester members of AIVAA are registered with the Air Tightness Testing and Measurement Association (ATTMA), an international organisation of testing professionals. Up-to-date listings of testers are kept here:

NameCompanyATTMA numberStatusState
Ben EllistonPassivenous Consulting Pty Ltd4038Level 1ACT
Brian MacSweeneyENERGYARREST4024Level 1VIC
Daniel KressSmart Plus Enterprise4034Level 1WA
Gillian JoynerPassivhaus Perth Pty Ltd4035Level 1WA
Greg King4031Level 2VIC
Jared CarnieVipac Engineers & Scientists4033Level 1VIC
Jessica AllenSustainability House4036Level 2SA
Malcolm McKelvieBaw Baw Sustainability Network4037Level 1VIC
Tim RoffeyVipac Engineers & Scientists4032Level 1VIC
Adam GarnysCETEC4017Level 1NSW
Alistair McGrath-KerrLAROS Technologies4027Level 1ACT
Andreas LuzziLAROS Technologies4026Level 1ACT
Andrew BellamyCETEC4018Level 1NSW
Andrew ChampnessAir Leakage Measurement Australia4022Level 1ACT
Ash Mogensen3ARK4011Level 2VIC
Ben LindsayCETEC4016Level 1NSW
Ben ViningVining Air P/L4008Level 2VIC
Brooke MaetamCETEC4019Level 1NSW
Daniel O'MalleyVining Air P/L4009Level 2VIC
Denise MartineZED Ltd4025Level 1NZ
Han ZhangArup4021Level 2NSW
James de SalisLAROS Technologies4028Level 1ACT
Jesse ClarkePro Clima Australia4014Level 1NSW
John BarrettAir Tightness Testing Services Australia P/L4012Level 1QLD
John KonstantakopoulosEfficiency Matrix4002Level 2VIC
Joseph CheungEfficiency Matrix4003Level 2VIC
Joshua Mollison4004Level 1VIC
Josiah PadgetCETEC4020Level 1NSW
Justin O'ConnorPassive House Construction & Products4023Level 1TAS
Luc PlowmanDetail Green4030Level 1VIC
Mark BrigdenSustainability House4005Level 1SA
Mark Clayton4006Level 1SA
Matthew StephensonEMSS Ltd1353Level 1NSW
Neil ViningVining Air P/L4007Level 2VIC
Peter SheaBlower Door Services4010Level 1NSW
Ratko Mrkogaca3ARK4013Level 2VIC
Sean MaxwellPro Clima Australia4001Level 2NSW

Companies/Organizational Members

Australian Passive House Association
Clare Parry

Energy Conservation Australia
Anthony Stagg

Insulation Australasia
Scott Gibson

Thomas van Raamsdonk