Here are some great videos to help your builders and homeowners to get a better handle on how to make more airtight buildings for better health, comfort, durability, and energy efficiency. They’re on YouTube. Like them and share them!

Video 1: Understanding Air Tightness

Video 2: Designing for a Better Seal

Video 3: Building for a Better Seal

These videos were a collaborative project between AIVAA (the Air Infiltration and Ventilation Association of Australia), Efficiency Matrix, and Pro Clima Australia, all strong advocates for improvements in build quality as a way to better building performance.

The videos were generously supported by the COAG Energy Council National Energy Productivity Plan through a project managed by the South Australian Government. It is a part of the Building Envelope Design and Construction for High Performing and Energy Efficient Homes project.

They’re promoted by MBA (the Master Builders Association), AIRAH (the Australian Institute for Refrigeration Air Conditioning and Heating), and ATTMA, the Air Tightness Testing and Measurement Association.

Also, here is a range of further links to more helpful additional info:

Here is a link to ATTMA Air Tightness Testers around Australia.

Master Builders Victoria Maintaining the Thermal Building Envelope videos.

Minimising Condensation in Buildings videos from the ABCB.

Your Home: Australia’s Guide to Environmentally Sustainable Homes

The National Energy Efficient Buildings Project’s Cross-Industry Skills Training Project.

Built Better: The low carbon living knowledge hub for a better built environment.

Government of South Australia Energy Efficiency: information and programs.

These videos are meant to relate to discussions about building performance, building energy efficiency, building compliance, and the National Construction Code of Australia, specifically the NCC 2019. Building for better energy efficiency means treating the building envelope holistically. Building airtightness and air leakage matter as much to performance of a wall cavity as the wall insulation or any wall foil, membrane, or sarking. Leaky building syndrome is the result of poor attention to detail in design and construction of walls, roofs, floors, windows, and where they join. Window flashing and flashing tape are as important as insulation in building a durable wall whose energy efficiency will last a lifetime.